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Garnering Credibility with Earned Media

Let's talk about PR and credibility.

Public relations is a valuable piece of the B2B marketing and communications framework because it's how you create the greatest awareness and credibility. 

When your story is picked up and published by an unbiased reporter representing an established media outlet, you automatically garner credibility because a 3rd party has chosen to amplify your message.

The magic is in developing the story or pitch to appeal to your target reporter or target publication. 

And simultaneously, as work on elements at the top of the funnel, you should be reinforcing your efforts with tactics that nurture your prospects further down the funnel and get your prospects to YES. 

But before someone says YES to you, they want to know you're a credible partner! Thank goodness for PR.

Need help with your PR program? Threshold can help! Contact us here.


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