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Cheugy vs. Cheesy... and What They Mean for Marketing

Raise your hand if you know what 'cheugy' means.

Teens taking selfies
The Zennial Persona Knows What Cheugy Is

Now, raise your hand if you know what a 'wig chop' means.

One of my clients is preparing to bring a new service to the marketplace and yesterday I facilitated a strategy workshop to flesh out the key personas of our target stakeholders.

Marketing personas go well beyond categorizing potential customers as Boomers, Millennials, or Gen Z (I know, Gen X... everyone forgets about us). Age is one important factor, but your target personas should also get really specific about characteristics like educational level, income, and gender.

By fully fleshing out your key personas (in a prior role, my employer's primary persona was a fictional 36-year-old married woman named Mary who drove a Toyota Sienna, had two kids, a three-bedroom house, earned a BA in education, and liked to go to Hilton Head Island for summer vacation), you can build a marketing strategy that specifically targets each stakeholder - including targeted messaging, the right vernacular, and the correct communication channels.

Female small business owner
Marketing to a Boomer Business Owner Requires a Unique Approach

This is a strong way to make sure your efforts and resources are fully dedicated to the right prospects.

Before you develop a content strategy or create sales enablement tools, it's important to sit down and fully flesh out your target customers, because it will give you a better idea of how to reach them.

(And no, my client and I are not using 'cheugy' to target our Zennial persona!)


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